Over Bridge - composite audio 1

by Site Singing

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This audio is an initial portrait of Over Bridge as a 'ghost bridge'. It is structured around a single durational recording. I walked the length of the bridge along the top, and recorded the sound of my hand against the stone. With the background sound of the cars crossing the new bridge nearby at speed, they create a kind of undulating drone that in its duration describes something of the physicality of the abandoned bridge. If this portrays the long, road part of the bridge, the arch needs to be 'beneath' this. The large single arch of this bridge is actually made from two arches, both starting at the same place at the base but ascending to different heights, one going higher than the other. I had a recording of myself singing arch-shaped phrases in one of the resonant side spaces under the bridge. I separated these out and spliced them into pairs, keeping the sequence they were recorded in, and laid one over the other, with the onsets - the beginnings of each sound - being perfectly matched up. The result is that a series of 'double arches' are heard, reaching slightly different 'heights' (pitches). I placed these 'under' the drone-like durational recording, by having them lower in the mix at a quieter volume. The resulting sung 'arches' have a ghostly quality, and listening to this track makes me imagine each voice is like a journey that the bridge has witnessed.


released September 3, 2014
Ellen Southern



all rights reserved


Site Singing Bristol, UK

Use of headphones recommended.




"I am enjoying freeing my voice from any kind of formality or expectation - its more about sound that music at this stage. I am open to music evolving but its nice to just be listening anew - to myself and to the sites and their surroundings" (excerpt from blog entry for Uley and Nympsfield).
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