Over Bridge, first visit with a 2nd singer - composite audio (full recording)

by Site Singing

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See the blog entry here: sitesinging.wordpress.com/2017/03/10/first-field-trip-with-another-singer-over-bridge-and-gloucester-cathedral/

This track is panned for a spatial effect, best heard on stereo speakers arranged to face each other with as big a gap between as possible, or on stereo headphones.

Voices: Ellen Southern and Chloé Turpin

This audio was made on the first Site Singing field trip where I took a fellow singer along with me. Having made every field trip solo until now, it felt a radical departure, and a little like introducing one friend, the singer Chloé Turpin, to another friend, Over Bridge.

I let her choose which site we should visit and she chose Over Bridge, an abandoned Victorian stone bridge, just outside Gloucester. For this recording, we stood under the bridge, one of us on each side, and called across to each other, in a form of improvised 'call and response'.

This is a very multi-layered site, sonically speaking. There is the contant presence of traffic, yet we agreed that you feel strangely invisible at Over Bridge, like it lies in a slightly different dimension, concealed from view in some parallel multi-verse. It feels grand, lonely and forgotten, from another time and place, like a huge whale skeleton.

Careful listening reveals that it sounds like there are more than two voices - the singer opposite can occasionally be heard across the river as well as the recorders having picked up the echoes were being bounced back by the under-curve of the bridge. We had 1 hand held field recorder each, and this audio is panned left and right to give a spatial effect to the combining sounds. One of the recordings is shifted a few seconds behind the other, to accentuate the echo effect.


released March 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Site Singing Bristol, UK

Use of headphones recommended.




"I am enjoying freeing my voice from any kind of formality or expectation - its more about sound that music at this stage. I am open to music evolving but its nice to just be listening anew - to myself and to the sites and their surroundings" (excerpt from blog entry for Uley and Nympsfield).
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