Stoney Littleton Long Barrow - composite audio 1

by Site Singing

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Like with Uley, I wanted to sculpt this track to resemble the form of the barrow – this time focusing on the noteble 7 chambers rather than the overall form.

The track begins with the sound of a hand on the wet mantle stone at the portal (entrance) of the barrow. The tracks are then arranged left and right to correspond to the layout of the barrow. I made a recording in each chamber - so just as on entering the barrow the first pair of chambers are on your left and right, you hear the recording made in each simultaneously in the left and right of your headphones. The track then takes you further into the barrow, and you similarly hear chambers 3 & 4, and 5 & 6 as pairs, and finally chamber 7, which was larger and so allowed me to stay longer. I spliced and overlayed the tracks in relation to the chamber number (e.g. the chamber 4 audio is spliced into 4 and then arranged in layers etc), so they would grow in ‘thickness’ and textural weight as you progress. My voice got smaller, closer, and more compressed as I went deeper in, not just from space restriction but just from feeling an intimacy with the space. But in the 7th chamber it felt right to vocally open out again, and by the dividing this longer recording into 7 pieces and layering them up, I could sculpt some interesting harmonic moments, flitting between dissonance and flickers of consonance.


released August 27, 2014
Ellen Southern



all rights reserved


Site Singing Bristol, UK

Use of headphones recommended.


"I am enjoying freeing my voice from any kind of formality or expectation - its more about sound that music at this stage. I am open to music evolving but its nice to just be listening anew - to myself and to the sites and their surroundings" (excerpt from blog entry for Uley and Nympsfield).
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